Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Independent Novel- blogger

My independent novel's tile is: Lockdown

Author: Walter Dean Myers

# of pages: 247

Genre: realistic fiction

The book starts with our main character, Maurice Anderson, known as Reese. He ends up at a juvenile center for committing a crime related to dangerous weapons and gangs. We are also introduced to a couple of his friends in the center, the place is called progress. He was given the choice of community service at evergreen to help out the older folk so he can leave progress and go home back to his family, rather than continuing more time at progress.

Monday, November 21, 2016


I've learned the definition of mutations and I've also learned that mutated chromosomes are able to be duplicated.

When you grow extra limbs or have a similar appearance as a zombie. It's just cool to think about, but you do feel bad for people that suffer the mutations.

I would like to know about how the chromosomes are duplicated.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

About me

Hello, my name is Cesar,

I'm an 8th grader at freedom and I will tell you about me. I get paranoid sometimes, I like fooling around and I think school is mostly okay, sort of. I like to play outside with my brothers on the trampoline. I love video games and jokes/puns. One thing I am proud of is of how well I did over the summer in the pathways program. I also got a lot of candy in Halloween. A lot of stuff happened, but I'm enjoying 8th grade. Biology this year is going well for me.
Hello, my name is Cesar,

I'm an 8th grader at freedom and I will tell you about me. I get paranoid sometimes, I like fooling around and I think school is mostly okay, sort of. I like to play outside with my brothers on the trampoline. I love video games and jokes/puns. One thing I am proud of is of how well I did over the summer in the pathways program. I also got a lot of candy in Halloween. A lot of stuff happened, but I'm enjoying 8th grade. Biology this year is going well for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Intro to poetry

A poem should have a bunch of different literary elements. One other thing a poem should have is a deep meaning about the topic. What is optional in poems are rhymes or just short sentences. Poems should also include figurative language and could be written in stanzas.

Monday, April 25, 2016

42: reflection

Discrimination. Lets see what this word means. It means that a large group of people are against one individual based on their color, actions, gender or other things the people hate. This makes the one person feel sad and they can't do anything about because that large group of people are against him or her.

I thought 42 was an amazing movie, capturing all the moments of what segregation really was like. It made me sad when I saw how bad the two races treated each other, and for what? Their color. Jackie Robinson was offered to be a baseball player in the Brooklyn Dodgers by Ricky. Jackie had to be able to handle all the hate he was going to endure. This movie show us how stupid people can be just because one person is different. I was happy in the end that everyone was proud of Jackie Robinson and some kids even wanted his autograph. Jackie Robinson, The legendary baseball negro baseball player. Thats a name I came up with for Jackie.

Monday, April 18, 2016

When is there dignity in silence?

When your giving a speech, your audience have to respect you with their ears and not their mouths - Cesar Rendon

If someone were to yell at me, I would probably explain calmly about what I may have did. I think if you wanted to show dignity in silence than you can just listen to what they are shouting about and do what they want you do. You will find honor knowing that you did something good with silence and listened, even though you might want to scream at them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chapter 24: Blog 12

Chapter 24

He and Gabriel followed the sound of the music. Jonas used his remainder of his power to reach his destination, as he knew there was no time for The Giver to give him the memories of strength and courage. Gabriel wasn't shivering as bad as he was before, but he was still freezing. They then continued to walk against the soft, cold snow. The sound of the people singing was getting louder as they approached. "Come on Gabe, were nearly at elsewhere" Jonas said. Gabriel's stomach rumbles as well as Jonas'. They were both starving. The sound of the song grew louder and louder. There Jonas saw the people who awaited him and Gabriel. 

There stood a man who looked strong and wore clothes that Jonas thought were to be called "overalls". Next to him was a woman who has brown hair and a red dress. The man and woman seemed to have looked a bit like Jonas. Jonas looked around as he walked toward the two strangers. "Hello there, umm may we come inside your dwelling" Jonas asked. Jonas then added "Were very cold and hungry." "Yes you may" The woman replied. Gabriel and Jonas entered the dwelling and were delighted with warmth. Jonas thought these people were nice and kind-hearted. Jonas was glad The Giver had told him to look for the waiting people. "Why don't you explore the house a bit, will take care of uhh....." There was a pause for a minute. Jonas then said "His name is Gabriel by the way." "What a nice name" The Man said.

Jonas look around the house and saw that they have a place with vegetables and other food growing from plants. "Jonas found a lot from this house, so he went to the kitchen where everyone was. "So why did the Giver sent me to you guys" Jonas asked curiously. Because... We are your parents. There was another silent pause. "What, thats ridiculous" Jonas said back. "My parents are back at the community" he explained. "Those aren't your real parents" The woman replied. "Sit down on the recliner, we will explain Jonas" The woman said. She explained everything. Then The man said "There is something called the birds and the bees, its how kids are born." Jonas was a bit confused. "Wait if your my parents how was I in the community" Jonas said softly. "We didn't have the resources to keep you alive, so we sneaked into that community" The man said. We missed you and we still love you.

Jonas was feeling that word called love. He was happy here. chapter 25 is coming coon enough.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Being famous

I would rather be a normal person who plays video games, reads, eat, etc. The reason why is because you will still be loved by people you know and not other people who like you because your famous when your alive. Before I die, I would love to be known that I did something that changed peoples lives for the better. I would not like to die as a person who was famous then later forgotten about. This also helps me because of the Future. If people knew who I was in the future, they could revive me like they did with the president's heads in the show, Futurama. Though It doesn't sound real, I would still like to be remembered as "Cesar Rendon, Man who changed the world."

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I think what I want people to remember me by my somewhat helpfulness and nice side of me. I'm not a person who argues a lot, but I can get mad. Thats not what I want people to remember me as a mean  person. I kind of want them to forget that I can be confused at times (I'm mediocre). I want to change the way some kids are acting. Some kids act unpleasant like "being too cool for school". I loathe those people. Then there are some kids who act mean in general. I wouldn't say I'm doing fantastic. I plan to work harder these months.

Friday, March 4, 2016


Um...... I don't have any words for these chapters.

One chapter was about Questions. Jonas asked a lot of questions that we had and it made me feel happy. The Giver answered most of them too. Then we go to the next chapter where it was VERY intense. This chapter made me feel like Jonas at the end of chapter 19. It made me hate Jonas's community. You know what else is horrific? Their system of letting the little twin get killed. That just makes me sad.

Understanding 10

When I see the text from Jonas's POV, it changes my feelings about the book. My opinion is that Jonas's community is really bad and has restrictions. From Jonas's POV,  I understand that Jonas's community is safe and needs these restrictions. Oh and sometimes Jonas questions about his society.


The song by John Lennon is referring to The Giver by the way the lyrics talk about a perfect world. The only thing is that Jonas's world isn't perfect. There are too many rules and freedom is restricted. There are also some rules that are unnecessary like "The ritual of feelings."

Some of the Lyrics also refer to The Giver. A world with no chaos.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1 challenge

1. I hit my head on spikes from the carpet in my old van.

2. My dog went missing when I was little.

3. I joined my first year of Robotics and my team failed the competition.

4. I won my hockey game when I was 7.

5. I used to be obsessed with cleaning cloths (I know right).

Friday, February 26, 2016


One of the things listed in the preamble is "a more perfect Union." This is one of the things that is challenged in the present. There are people who do help so they are able to create a perfect union. However, A perfect Union is impossible in our community. There is always a problem and people have the right to think, say, and do what they want. There are also bad people who hate different communities and protestors to try and change something about the community. For example (Dogs should go to school).

This doesn't really bother me because I know nothing can be perfect like Jonas's society, well Jonas's society isn't exactly perfect, but whatever. We do have problems, but most of them are pretty minor to us. 

This is portrayed perfectly in the giver. You notice that everyone works together when you read the book. There isn't any fighting because no one can and since freedom is mostly restricted in the giver.

Career Choices

Cesar R. Having someone pick a job for you might be a good thing. It can be hard to find a job that suits you and the people in the book might see what they think is good for you. This means you don't have to worry about anything. It's also hard to pick a job when your only twelve years old. Them picking a job for you will also result in less consequences because of the job problems you get when picking your own job.

There is also problems with someone picking your job. One problem is that you may not like the job that is picked. You don't think it's what you want at all. Another thing is that you may like it, but you change your mind. You found out you weren't good at it or didn't like it.

What if?

Life would be messed up without history. We learn from our mistakes. Thats why we have them. Without our knowledge of history, Everyone may forget what they were suppose to do and don't have the knowledge of when you messed up. You also need to know who was important in life and what animals existed because of people wanting to know something that interest them or become a famous person or have a job as a scientist. Plus we may not have America's awesome moments in history. We also need to know how to advance in technology by using what we had back then.

Milena said we don't use fire anymore. We dooooo!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jonas' POV change

Joans's point of view changed in chapter 11. He starts thinking "why don't we have this stuff anymore." He seems to question about his community having "sameness." Since Jonas is feeling the memories of The Giver, he might think that while the world before was somewhat nice and amazing to how it is now. He may compare his community to before. Jonas questions that since The Giver has power why can't you change how the community is now. The Giver said he has Honor, not power. Jonas frowns when he knows the memories he felt are restricted in his society.

Blog 6: New chapter Title

Chapter 8 would be... The Unexpected Selection

I choose this because of the chapter being about Jonas. Jonas's number was skipped and he still wondered why. Then Jonas was surprised and confused when he was "selected" by the Chief elder "the receiver of memory." I choose this because this one seemed to be a lot more interesting (to me at least).

Monday, February 22, 2016

Choices, Choices

Its a bit hard, but I choose having your own choices. If choices are made for you, then it means you can't take care of yourself. Also the choices that are picked out for you, may not suit you. When your able to make your own choices, you decide whats best for you and others. When you make a bad choice it can haunt you for a long time. However, they are like mistakes. You learn from those choices you made. This is what I have to say. Oh and without our freedom of choice, I couldn't choose on which argument I agree on.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Two worlds Colliding

Jonas's community is similar to ours in a couple ways. Blue eyes light

We both have laws/rules that we follow to make the world a better place. Jonas's community have jobs that are similar to ours. For example: The nurturer is kind of like the doctor who takes care of the new born babies. They also still have school, recreational activities, and rituals.

Those are some similarities from Jonas's community to our community. There are a lot more difference between our community and his. You start as an adult at the age of 12 rather than like 18. 12 is an early age to start working. People assign jobs for you, rather than you choosing your own job. When you get old or break a severe rule, you get "released" as a punishment or if your elderly. Animals also don't seem to exist in Jonas's world. In Jonas's world, each age up to 12 is different and all "newchilds" are adopted.

In conclusion, I think our community is the best. Lets see... 1 Our community doesn't have rules like the ones in The Giver. We have more freedom which is perfect. So thats why I think our community is better. Oh and we also get to live with our real family.