Friday, February 26, 2016


One of the things listed in the preamble is "a more perfect Union." This is one of the things that is challenged in the present. There are people who do help so they are able to create a perfect union. However, A perfect Union is impossible in our community. There is always a problem and people have the right to think, say, and do what they want. There are also bad people who hate different communities and protestors to try and change something about the community. For example (Dogs should go to school).

This doesn't really bother me because I know nothing can be perfect like Jonas's society, well Jonas's society isn't exactly perfect, but whatever. We do have problems, but most of them are pretty minor to us. 

This is portrayed perfectly in the giver. You notice that everyone works together when you read the book. There isn't any fighting because no one can and since freedom is mostly restricted in the giver.

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