Thursday, February 18, 2016

Two worlds Colliding

Jonas's community is similar to ours in a couple ways. Blue eyes light

We both have laws/rules that we follow to make the world a better place. Jonas's community have jobs that are similar to ours. For example: The nurturer is kind of like the doctor who takes care of the new born babies. They also still have school, recreational activities, and rituals.

Those are some similarities from Jonas's community to our community. There are a lot more difference between our community and his. You start as an adult at the age of 12 rather than like 18. 12 is an early age to start working. People assign jobs for you, rather than you choosing your own job. When you get old or break a severe rule, you get "released" as a punishment or if your elderly. Animals also don't seem to exist in Jonas's world. In Jonas's world, each age up to 12 is different and all "newchilds" are adopted.

In conclusion, I think our community is the best. Lets see... 1 Our community doesn't have rules like the ones in The Giver. We have more freedom which is perfect. So thats why I think our community is better. Oh and we also get to live with our real family.

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