Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Chapter 24: Blog 12

Chapter 24

He and Gabriel followed the sound of the music. Jonas used his remainder of his power to reach his destination, as he knew there was no time for The Giver to give him the memories of strength and courage. Gabriel wasn't shivering as bad as he was before, but he was still freezing. They then continued to walk against the soft, cold snow. The sound of the people singing was getting louder as they approached. "Come on Gabe, were nearly at elsewhere" Jonas said. Gabriel's stomach rumbles as well as Jonas'. They were both starving. The sound of the song grew louder and louder. There Jonas saw the people who awaited him and Gabriel. 

There stood a man who looked strong and wore clothes that Jonas thought were to be called "overalls". Next to him was a woman who has brown hair and a red dress. The man and woman seemed to have looked a bit like Jonas. Jonas looked around as he walked toward the two strangers. "Hello there, umm may we come inside your dwelling" Jonas asked. Jonas then added "Were very cold and hungry." "Yes you may" The woman replied. Gabriel and Jonas entered the dwelling and were delighted with warmth. Jonas thought these people were nice and kind-hearted. Jonas was glad The Giver had told him to look for the waiting people. "Why don't you explore the house a bit, will take care of uhh....." There was a pause for a minute. Jonas then said "His name is Gabriel by the way." "What a nice name" The Man said.

Jonas look around the house and saw that they have a place with vegetables and other food growing from plants. "Jonas found a lot from this house, so he went to the kitchen where everyone was. "So why did the Giver sent me to you guys" Jonas asked curiously. Because... We are your parents. There was another silent pause. "What, thats ridiculous" Jonas said back. "My parents are back at the community" he explained. "Those aren't your real parents" The woman replied. "Sit down on the recliner, we will explain Jonas" The woman said. She explained everything. Then The man said "There is something called the birds and the bees, its how kids are born." Jonas was a bit confused. "Wait if your my parents how was I in the community" Jonas said softly. "We didn't have the resources to keep you alive, so we sneaked into that community" The man said. We missed you and we still love you.

Jonas was feeling that word called love. He was happy here. chapter 25 is coming coon enough.

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