Monday, April 25, 2016

42: reflection

Discrimination. Lets see what this word means. It means that a large group of people are against one individual based on their color, actions, gender or other things the people hate. This makes the one person feel sad and they can't do anything about because that large group of people are against him or her.

I thought 42 was an amazing movie, capturing all the moments of what segregation really was like. It made me sad when I saw how bad the two races treated each other, and for what? Their color. Jackie Robinson was offered to be a baseball player in the Brooklyn Dodgers by Ricky. Jackie had to be able to handle all the hate he was going to endure. This movie show us how stupid people can be just because one person is different. I was happy in the end that everyone was proud of Jackie Robinson and some kids even wanted his autograph. Jackie Robinson, The legendary baseball negro baseball player. Thats a name I came up with for Jackie.

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