Friday, April 28, 2017

Blog 7

The main character, Selena in my book had problems that I haven't really experienced before. However, I do understand and know I have heard about the situation Selena is in. The main problem that the character is having in my book so far is that there is a stalker, a creepy one at that. The stuff this mysterious person is doing is sending creepy letters to her too. I have seen people stalk each other, it's very creepy. I and others have also seen people stalk each other on the news when they would talk about it. So that's it basically. I haven't had this problem as Selena does, but yeah. That's it .

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blog 6

Page 113 Din- a loud and unpleasant sound from something.
Page 109 Menacing- very threatening.
Page 95 Bellowed- a loud, hurtful noise caused by someone's pain or anger.
The rest are just interesting words.

Page 98 Stare- it's interesting because it shows how scary a character in a book can be by just staring.
Page 56 Chatter- in the book, they were in high school, so chattering wasn't the surprising, but I liked it anyway.
Page 82 Groan- Interesting because it's a groan that represents the horror my book has.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog post #4

My favorite passage is about the dialogue of the book, Lockdown.

Characters: Reese who is the "I". Diego, Toon.

Diego-"What do you want," he asked.
"Why you messing with Toon?" I asked.
"Why is it your business?"
"Toon ain't nothing but a kid?" I said. "Why don't you leave him alone"
"Why your breath stinks so much?" He asked.
"It's from kissing your mama," I said.

I like this passage a lot because the characters feel like it's a real conversation that you would think the author had a real life experience. The dialogue also understandd the modern language of teens and pop culture. I like the fact that friendships are apparent in this book, even though it's about a dangerous setting with dangerous kids. Also, what Reese, the main character said at the end was hilarious. It's Mean, but hilarious.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


In part one, our main setting is evergreen, which is a place to take care of senior citizens and is an important part for the main character, Reese because it's part of his work-release program so he would get to leave progress (a juvenile center for younger delinquents, which Reese has been a part of for 22 months) early. We are introduced to a man named Mr. Pugh who is in charge of Reese and is part of progress's staff and father Stanora who runs Evergreen. Reese has to clean up, do chores, and help the older people at Evergreen for his first day and then it's back to progress and he starts the new cycle of his life as delinquent. This is pretty much what happened through out part one. One conflict I saw that I still think could happen is if Reese gets into a fight with someone at progress because there are more delinquents there.