Sunday, January 8, 2017


In part one, our main setting is evergreen, which is a place to take care of senior citizens and is an important part for the main character, Reese because it's part of his work-release program so he would get to leave progress (a juvenile center for younger delinquents, which Reese has been a part of for 22 months) early. We are introduced to a man named Mr. Pugh who is in charge of Reese and is part of progress's staff and father Stanora who runs Evergreen. Reese has to clean up, do chores, and help the older people at Evergreen for his first day and then it's back to progress and he starts the new cycle of his life as delinquent. This is pretty much what happened through out part one. One conflict I saw that I still think could happen is if Reese gets into a fight with someone at progress because there are more delinquents there.

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