Friday, February 24, 2017

Blog post #4

My favorite passage is about the dialogue of the book, Lockdown.

Characters: Reese who is the "I". Diego, Toon.

Diego-"What do you want," he asked.
"Why you messing with Toon?" I asked.
"Why is it your business?"
"Toon ain't nothing but a kid?" I said. "Why don't you leave him alone"
"Why your breath stinks so much?" He asked.
"It's from kissing your mama," I said.

I like this passage a lot because the characters feel like it's a real conversation that you would think the author had a real life experience. The dialogue also understandd the modern language of teens and pop culture. I like the fact that friendships are apparent in this book, even though it's about a dangerous setting with dangerous kids. Also, what Reese, the main character said at the end was hilarious. It's Mean, but hilarious.

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