Friday, April 28, 2017

Blog 7

The main character, Selena in my book had problems that I haven't really experienced before. However, I do understand and know I have heard about the situation Selena is in. The main problem that the character is having in my book so far is that there is a stalker, a creepy one at that. The stuff this mysterious person is doing is sending creepy letters to her too. I have seen people stalk each other, it's very creepy. I and others have also seen people stalk each other on the news when they would talk about it. So that's it basically. I haven't had this problem as Selena does, but yeah. That's it .

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blog 6

Page 113 Din- a loud and unpleasant sound from something.
Page 109 Menacing- very threatening.
Page 95 Bellowed- a loud, hurtful noise caused by someone's pain or anger.
The rest are just interesting words.

Page 98 Stare- it's interesting because it shows how scary a character in a book can be by just staring.
Page 56 Chatter- in the book, they were in high school, so chattering wasn't the surprising, but I liked it anyway.
Page 82 Groan- Interesting because it's a groan that represents the horror my book has.